Staying organized is half the battle.

Which doesn't mean you should spend half your life worrying about it.

A little something extra?

Well, that comes as standard.

ELOenterprise meets the requirements of large companies and corporations. The fascinating thing is that the user-friendliness and intuitive operation at the workplace remain 100% intact.

Behind the scenes, however, the action is fierce. ELOenterprise runs on all well-known operating systems and utilizes the entire performance potential of the available infrastructure through a multi-level system architecture and its cluster capability.

ELOenterprise – the highlights

  • High performance for solutions > 100 workstations
  • Executable under LINUX/UNIX serversupport.
  • Distributability of server processes
  • Hotstandby functionality
  • Load balancing
  • Clustering functionality

Further information about ELOenterprise

ELOenterprise product brochure

Other ELO solutions

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