Staying organized is half the battle.

Which doesn't mean you should spend half your life worrying about it.

The right solution for every business

Your future is digital

The comprehensive solution software for enterprise content management (ECM) ensures forward-looking digital processes in your company.

With an enterprise content management (ECM) system, you can rely on digital processes - and thus on the business of the future.

The ELOprofessional ECM system goes one step further: It not only allows you to manage data and documents, but also provides you with excellent support for your daily work with business intelligence.

ELOprofessional offers you a wide range of functions with which you can prepare your business perfectly for your digital future: In addition to a wide range of options for efficient collaboration and easy compliance with data protection requirements such as the EU-DSGVO, ELO Analytics is a particular highlight of version 20. With the analysis component integrated in the standard, you can easily create detailed evaluations of your ongoing processes and data states. Clearly presented graphically, you receive important information at lightning speed so that you can make the right decisions immediately.

In this way, ELO ECM Suite 20 gives you a decisive competitive advantage that you can use profitably for your company.

ELOprofessional 20 – the highlights

  • ELO Analytics, use company information profitably with intelligent analysis components
  • ELO Collaboration-Tools, optimal collaboration of employees and always being up to date
  • Always have e-mails under control and meet legal standards (compliance) thanks to e-mail management
  • Numerous supporting functions for legally compliant data storage and compliance with DSGVO regulations
  • Web content management that integrates all document management functions
  • Business process management thanks to the ELO Workflow component
  • Polling tool for quick polls on a document
  • Transmittal Letter for project-related document organization for traceable data exchange
  • Keep track of relevant topics thanks to the integrated Tag Cloud
  • ELO for Mobile Devices; work with ELO wherever you are, your office is always with you
  • Create checklists for a quick task overview
  • AI Power - smart tools for more efficiency

Further information about ELO ECM Suite 20

ELOprofessional product brochure

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