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Your future is digital

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems and digital processes will play a pivotal role in the business of the future.
The ECM system ELOprofessional 11 takes the whole concept a step further: Not only does it provide a central hub for managing data and documents, but it also offers intelligent solutions to support your daily business processes.

ELOprofessional 11 comes equipped with a wide range of functions to make your business fit for the digital future: Besides multiple options for enhancing process efficiency and complying with data protection requirements such as GDPR in a few easy steps, ELO Analytics is one of the highlights of version 11.

The standard package includes a built-in analysis component that enables you to create detailed reports of ongoing processes and see how your data is changing over time. Dashboards provides fast access to real-time data in one easy view, so you can make databacked decisions faster.

ELOprofessional 11 empowers you to leverage information to your advantage so that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

ELOprofessional 11 – the highlights

  • Multi-client strategy for desktop, Web, mobile, and smartphone clients
  • Client-based scripting environment to enable automation and program add-ons
  • Document management with a freely definable, dynamic folder structure
  • In-house workflow server with graphical workflow designer
  • Web content management that integrates all document management functions
  • Read-only archiving with certified long-term storage support
  • Multi-client capability for various business areas
  • Automatic mass data entry
  • Intelligent data analysis – Get the most out of your company's information resources with the smart ELO Analytics component
  • Automated processes – Use the ELO workflow to digitize and automate processes modeled to your business.
  • Security and data protection – ELO ECM Suite 11 offers numerous functions for storing data in line with retention requirements and GDPR.
  • Collaboration at all levels – ELO collaboration tools allow teams to work together more efficiently and stay up to date with information streams.
  • Seamless integration – ELO ECM Suite 11 unites your IT infrastructure and communicates seamlessly with third-party systems such as SAP or Salesforce.
  • Take control of your e-mails – ELO ECM Suite 11 provides intelligent e-mail management for securely storing e-mails in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • Compliance – Securely store important documents in a central location and comply with retention obligations.
  • Version control provides a clear audit trail of changes to documents.
  • Transmittal letter – Organize documents by projects and send a transmittal letter with all the details of the documents being sent.
  • Carry out polls – A poll tool makes it easier for users to collaborate on documents in the ELO system.

Further information about ELO ECM Suite 11

ELOprofessional product brochure

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