Staying organized is half the battle.

Which doesn't mean you should spend half your life worrying about it.

Can we sell you something you don’t need?

Hopefully not, otherwise we won’t have enough time to offer you some professional advice.

We only offer solutions for document management with read-only archiving and workflow. Period. But that isn’t actually all. Now we’re getting really flexible and individual. Because the only thing that counts is that we give you solutions that meet your needs and make sense in your business.

Each of our projects starts with a detailed analysis. Who needs to be able to manage documents, how, where, and how many? Simple questions, often with complex answers. We really don’t worry too much about that because we’ve doing this for years. So it doesn’t take forever for us to arrive at a conclusion that we present to you as user-friendly and efficient solutions.

And even if your company starts heading in a different direction than the one we anticipated, it makes no difference: our scalable, customizable solutions can adapt to (almost) anything so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Other services


With more than 500 successful installations of ELO Digital Office under our belts, we know exactly what we’re doing and what needs to happen to ensure the impact on your day-to-day business is kept to an absolute minimum. more >>


We will be happy to tell you about all the new options available thanks to your document management solution. We’ll even tell you things that aren’t in the manual. more >>

Interface programming

Individual interfaces help us set up connections between your ERP and finance management system and ELO Digital Office. more >>

Data entry solutions

Individually programmed data entry solutions allow you to process data as directly as possible. more >>

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